Hey there. I'm Kendray.

I'm a professional writer and editor who specializes in working with educational organizations as well as the businesses who serve them.

Changing the world one child at a time is your mission.
Getting your message to the people who need you is mine.

I know how busy you are.

I’ve been exactly where you are - answering parent emails at 1:00am, wondering if there’s time to squeeze in 3 hours of sleep between prepping materials for the week, scouring Pinterest for new activities, pulling things together for a grant application, catching up on paperwork, and maybe (just maybe) packing lunch or doing laundry.

You have so much to do and all of it is important. Let me take something off your plate. Whether it’s updating your blog each week, putting together a press release, making sure your program guide is error-free before you send it to print, or something else - I’m here to help.

Fill out the form below or email me at hello (at) kendrayelizabeth (dot) com and tell me how I can help make your life easier.

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